Healing Work

All The Tools You Need to Create the Exact Life You've Been Longing to Live

I will show you how to use your own body's intelligence to guide you to understand your thoughts, feelings, and physical sensations, help you improve your relationship with yourself and others, and guide you to your greatest potential.


Signs that my healing work will benefit you:

~You “should” be happy. You have so many things going for you, yet you don’t always feel happy.

~You often feel overwhelmed, like you just can’t keep up with all the demands on your time.

~You’re exhausted and wired at the same time.

~There’s no time left for you after you’ve taken care of everyone else.

~You feel like you’ve lost your way and find yourself wondering about your life purpose.

~You feel disconnected from your body, like you're living in your head all the time.

~You are stressed and caffeine has become your best friend.

~Old wounds keep you from moving forward.

~Your desire for intimacy with your partner has greatly declined or even become non-existent.

~Life keeps going on around you and you’d like to have more power over the things that are happening.

~Fear, shame, or guilt are keeping you stuck.

~You are feeling a lot of tension in your body on a regular basis.


If any of that sounds like you, I'm ready to help! Let's get started.


Would you like to...

~Have more contentment in your daily life?

~Wake up excited for your day every morning?

~Truly appreciate all the good things you have going for you?

~Trust your body and know what it's trying to tell you?

~Stop worrying so much?

~Incorporate those health habits you keep making a plan for and then only do for a day or two?

~Enjoy more leisure, ease, and fun?

~Have more energy for your family and friends?

~Give regular attention to yourself?

~Live in full integrity and speak your truth?

~Have a better sex life since you're not so stressed out all the time?

~Be more present?

~Leave the past behind?

~Be more authentically you?


Here's how Healing Work works:

Our work together will start with one 90-minute online session.

We will uncover whatever it is that's standing in your way and get you fast-tracked to flourishing.

By the end of just one session, you will feel refreshed, connected to your body, and clear on your next steps.


Some people find one session to be adequate and others will want to continue with additional healing work.

We'll decide on next steps together.


If you're ready to take action, you're open to discovery, and willing to have a little fun on the way, I'll honored to be your guide.