Start or Grow Your Own Integrative Practice

Your Coach & Mentor

I always say, "I wish I had had a me for me when I started my first practice".

The sage advice of a seasoned mentor is invaluable.

I've started and grown two flourishing integrative practices in two different states and I'm here to help you flourish in your own practice.

Start Your Practice

My Your Flourishing Practice program is THE complete guide to starting your own integrative practice for APRNs.

In this program, I'll walk you through every decision you'll need to make, including legal, financial, and marketing decisions you've never had to make before.

And, I'll show you how to be integrative in your work, even if you don't have formal natural medicine training.


Grow Your Practice

When running your own practice, you wear so many hats and a lot is expected of you. Whether you're struggling to develop your patient load or experiencing growing pains, having a coach is helpful for new ideas and accountability.

It helps to have someone outside your practice to help you see what's not working and to realize the potentials you might not even see. And, sometimes you simply need someone to listen who understands.