Are You Ready to Flourish?

I'm Jen Owen, a Integrative Medicine Nurse Practitioner, Transformational Healing Guide, and Business Coach for APRNs.

I help people shift from feeling stuck, uncertain, and unsatisfied, to feeling hopeful, inspired, and capable of achieving their biggest desires and goals.

Let's face it, the world can seem like a pretty dreary place these days. 

So many people are struggling right now.

It can be hard to keep your footing.


Since the beginning of COVID, I've seen a change from people having ambitious goals & dreams to a general lack of motivation, excitement, and often a deprivation of joy.


Are you feeling...

Unable to reach your goals or like you don't even know what your goals are anymore?

Caught in a spiral of undesired emotions?

Burned out?

Like you used to have a lot of energy and now you have none?

Highly affected by world events and other things out of your control?

Uninspired by a routine that's not working for you anymore?

Ready to discover what's really holding you back?

Open to trying things a new way so lasting transformation can take place?

Willing to invest your time, energy, and money on creating a better future for yourself?

If're in the right place!


After working in the health and wellness arena since the early 1990s, it's become crystal clear to me that most illness and dis-ease start with an emotional experience.

You have a stressful event happen (you lose a loved one, you become a caretaker for a sick relative, you have a negative event happen at work, you get divorced, etc.) and you don't have the time, energy, or support to work through the emotions you're feeling. These emotions then get stuck in your body & eventually cause physical symptoms. These symptoms are ignored or masked with medication and even more illness occurs. You get the idea.


When you learn how to address your feelings as they show up, and work through the old ones, you open the door to new possibilities.

With the right help and guidance, you can get clear on what you want and where you want to go next.


You can transform your life.

And, it will be easier than you think.

“Jen is a straight up gift to humanity.

My relationship with myself has completely transformed. I have been able to tap into my inner knowing and expand my understanding of what's possible for living authentically, creatively and with a lot of sweetness and grace."



Work with Me

Portland Clinic

Become my patient.

I offer primary care integrative medicine and Holistic Pelvic Care™ inside The Flourish Center, a collaborative health & wellness space I created in 2021.



Healing Work

Work 1:1 with me online.

I offer transformational healing sessions to help you connect more deeply within yourself, realize your true potential, and upgrade your life experiences.



Business Coaching


I help APRNs start and grow integrative health clinics where they can practice on their terms, have more fun & ease, and make the impact they are here to make.




My own transformational journey has been a long one.

From an early age, I was taught that feelings are bad and emotions should be controlled. I struggled with chronic infections and many aches and pains. 

When I entered adulthood, I started learning about natural medicine. As I healed my symptoms with herbal therapies and dietary changes, I noticed my mood improving as well.

This spiked my curiosity to learn about mind-body medicine. Learning this work has been the ultimate force in changing my entire life for the better.

Everything I've learned in the past 30+ years has empowered and educated me to become your guide.

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